About Us

31|25-THE LABEL, formerly known as Dignified Women's Apparel, is a Made-to-Order Label for women created on purpose, for a purpose.  

The brand was launched in 2017 after our owner, Bria Evans, made a custom prom dress for a local senior. She knew that her designs belonged in the hands of women and began making strides to make her mark on the industry. The brand has been featured in Fashion x Houston (2017) and New York Fashion Week (Oxford Fashion Studio, 2019).

Though there has been rebranding, the root of the brand remains the same -- "She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future," Proverbs 31:25. That is the purple thread that is weaved throughout each garment. Evans wants women to feel their most fearless self when wearing her garments.

Taking inspiration and cues from artificially rendered spaces, Evans designs with a particular woman moving and living in these homes and spaces. "I want women to be able to experience my design process, so I let them in on quite a bit. I want women to know exactly the space that I was designing my garments with in mind, so when they see it, they automatically understand. They won't have to try and connect the dots." 

Alexis Christodoulo, Lacie Grant Photography

Alexis Christodoulou, Lacie Grant Photography 

Each garment is named after a woman in her life who she finds to be inspirational and that would also fit the mold of the woman she has designed for. Ultimately, 31|25--THE LABEL is for the woman who just wants to be -- no judgement, no rules.

"I hope that women are able to find a connection to any of the pieces that I design. I want them to be able to pull it out years later and say, 'This was one of the first pieces from the brand.'"